Natural Fly Control

Natural Fly Control

Flies Controlled Naturally

A home solution, a natural way of control, is simply preventing flies from breeding in and around the home. Flies lay their eggs on decomposing organic matter. Indeed, it is necessary to keep lids on trash cans indoors and out. Specifically, to always cover food scraps left in the kitchen. A Natural Fly Control product is called Natural Delmethrin.

Natural Fly ControlFlies breed where manure and garbage accumulates. That’s why it is important to keep the home’s perimeter clean and clear of garbage, besides, to clean up any pet manure. Garbage cans should be cleaned with disinfectants every week to reduce the attraction of the house fly. The cans should also be equipped with tight-fitting lids, and trash should be disposed of every week. Even more in the summer, if possible. Pet waste should be disposed of promptly and not be allowed to stand in a garbage can for more than two days. This will definitely attract flies. Food should also not be allowed to stand, as the old food will attract flies and encourage breeding. Some many herbs and spices can be used as home remedies. Certainly, work to repel flies from home.


Growing basil in flower pots or placing fresh-cut basil in vases and places where it is needed will work as a natural repellent and flies will be apt to invade the home. Eucalyptus leaves can be burned outside and used to repel flies as well as mosquitoes. A natural pests’ barrier can be made around the home to discourage flies from entering. The barriers are like the barbed wire that keeps the flies out of the home. Growing certain plants around the periphery of the home can make barriers. The plants will look nice while deterring nasty flies from entering the home, and even the yard. For flies, mint and basil should be grown to repel them and keep them from entering the human household. These plants may smell nice to humans, but they are extremely disgusting to house flies.

Natural Fly Traps

House flies can also be controlled by making natural fly traps. It is not commonly known, but flies are attracted to wine, specifically Chardonnay. There are a few ways that wine can be used to help eliminate flies. First, fly traps can be made by leaving an open bottle of wine out, but lining the bottom of the wine bottle with mango peels; in this instance, flies will fly into the wine bottle, get stuck, and eventually die inside the bottle.


Another solution is by using wine that involves directly poisoning the house flies; a saucer should be filled with white wine and poisoned with dish detergent.

Homeowners can also make their own flypaper to attract and kill the fly infestation. To make the flypaper, owners will need boiling water, sugar and corn syrup combined. The sticky mixture should be spread on a brown paper bag, and then placed at fly entryways for the best results.

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Last Updated 25/1/2021. Experienced, Researched and written by Graeme Stephens with over 33 years of meth, mould, disinfecting and cleaning services experience.

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