About Us Since 1987

About Us Since 1987

Fly Control Auckland


Here’s why you should know about us. Fly Control Auckland Services. Flies may be a common sight but do not be too confident; you don’t want them flying around your home. In addition to the annoyance, flies can pose health risks. Furthermore, they expose your family members to harmful pathogens. Swatting flies out of your face won’t stop them from landing on kitchen counters and other home surfaces. A fly infestation can be detrimental to humans in several ways. However, fly control is needed when flies infest in and around properties. We don’t just remove the insects and the pests but also identify those insects to know if they are destructive and poisonous before harming you or your family.


About Us | Over 34 Years of Experience

Steam ‘n’ Dry Fly Control Auckland Service was established in 1987. It has since grown to become one of the most well-known pest control companies in New Zealand. It operates from a Head Office in servicing the greater Auckland region. A local, family-owned business with over 34 years of experience. Precisely controlling pests for homes and businesses. To avoid flies, it is crucial to understand their living conditions and behaviour. Fly Control Auckland Service applies a great approach to pest control.  Also, when analysing the threats and risks to businesses and homes. This varies significantly across different climate zones, types of buildings and businesses.

About Us

Each method is based on a wide range of activities, and we focus on investigating the underlying reasons for an infestation. Rather than simply treating the problem. Our actions always aim for a superior long term result, and we apply the globally renowned principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). To minimise the effects on the environment.


What about Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an efficient approach for an environmentally kind and economically sound action to pest management. It has programs developed for horticultural, agricultural crops, and even greenhouse crops. Indeed, it covers the knowledge of the habits and life cycles of pests as well as the specific ways for pest population regulation. 

Without a doubt, Steam ‘n’ Dry Fly Control Auckland Services get rid of troublesome pests fast. You won’t see a trace of them for a long time after the treatment. That’s because we use highly effective pest control products designed to eliminate various pests. Above all, it will only take minutes with no bothersome odour. We service residential and commercial customers in North Shore, East, West and South Auckland City.

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Experienced, researched and written by Mr Graeme Stephens. An IICRC Master Restoration Technician in 2001. With over 34 years of meth, mould disinfecting and cleaning Auckland services experience.

Published: 13/11/2014 Updated: 20/07/2021

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