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Carpet Cleaning AucklandAre you looking for Carpet Cleaning? Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland is the solution! We’re based in West, North Shore, East & South Auckland. With over 36 years of experience, professional carpet cleaners cover all Auckland areas in Auckland Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning. Thus, always ready to cope with any domestic, commercial or tenancy cleaning carpet!

Premium Carpet Cleaning in Auckland

Also, in Auckland, the FDA Food and Drug Administration and EPA Approved Disinfectant Products – Auckland’s Active Ingredient Kills SARS & Corona Viruses, bacteria germs, dust mites, and moulds sanitisation services. For instance, fogging vapour and fine misting spray sanitisation disinfect clean carpets, upholstery, mattresses,  and whole homes or commercial disinfecting services. 

Carpet Cleaner Rental Vs. Professional

Choosing between a professional and a DIY deep clean can be challenging. Therefore, Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaner is ready to serve you when looking into carpet cleaning. Indeed, rental machines are an alternative professional cleaning service for deep carpet cleaning, including several costs and trade-offs. At the same time, it assesses you when deciding which fly method is ideal for treating your carpet.

Also, rental machines are a good option. They are the less accessible, expensive choice at local stores like Mitri 10, Bunnings, or Home Hirepoll. However, the more intelligent choice is to invest in a professional cleaning service—Auckland Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners Service 1987.

Auckland Carpet Cleaning Machines

With rental cleaning machines, it’s up to you to research the proper cleaning method to apply to your specific carpet and spots. Different spots and carpet fibres call for other cleaning agents and varying heat, agitation, and drying time. A rental machine usually only has one setting that applies the same hot and rage to all carpet types. And comes with a cleaning solution containing harsh chemicals. Thus, rental machines are easy to overwet carpets and can easily lead to fabric damage.

On the flip side, our Highly-Trained Technicians. Also, have the industry experts inspect and identify the optimal cleaning method. Apply to your carpet or spot with the Auckland Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners process. We understand that removing moisture is just as crucial in the cleaning process as applying it. Indeed, our powerful truck-mounted machines use hot steam extraction and can draw, on average, 83% of the moisture from your carpet’s fibres. This process leaves your precious carpet cleaner. And allows your carpet to dry faster and avoid potential damage like pilling.

Truck Mounted

Our large truck-mounted steam cleaners. Generate more vacuum, PSI pressure, less water, and more heat. 84°C. And also, hot steam kills coronaviruses, bacteria, dust mites, and pathogens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, and West Auckland. We provide a premium carpet cleaning service.

In addition, you have no choice but to know the last home’s condition or the space. Thus, it leaves the question of how a rental machine can clean your carpet. On the contrary, looking at the bottom of the rental device is scary. And see all the mysterious dirt and hair these machines collected. With rentals, you cannot guarantee the cleanliness and effectiveness of the products you bring into your home. It can lead to the spread of dirt, grime, and odours from other people’s houses. 

More About Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning

Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland 1987. We can provide this with powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaners. That will generate more heat. More steam PSI and vacuum suction serve West Auckland, North Shore, East & South Auckland.

Several sources of indoor air pollutants can make their way into the fibres of your carpet, so when you run a vacuum over your rug. As a result, this can bring dust and dirt closer to the surface. That exposes your pets and children to potentially serious health effects.

Approximately 2,000 dust mites can live on just one ounce of carpet dust. It is essential to seek professional carpet repair services. Especially in the summer and fall. As an unclean carpet in high humidity. Indeed, mould is highly vulnerable.

Professional Carpet Cleaners For Health

Here are just a few ways that winter can affect your health:

  • Winter can mean trouble for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. People tend to stay indoors during cold temperatures. Which means more exposure to air pollutants. Such as dust, bacteria, dust mites, dander, viruses, and mould. Regular vacuuming and hot steam cleaning will help.
  • Carpets are a home’s or office’s most enormous bacterial sinkhole. Effective Practical Truck-mounted hot steam cleaning can remove viruses, bacteria, germs, dust mites, and other pathogens from carpets, mattresses, and upholstery. Auckland Steam n Dry truck-mounted cleaners use 80°C hot steam on the carpets, mattresses and upholstery. 


An Experienced, Researched and written by Graeme Stephens with over 36 years of carpet and upholstery cleaning services experience throughout Auckland.

Updated last: May/31/2023

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